About the project

This unique project, Ancient Greece, follows the Alexandrion trend of using as endorsers fashion and film personalities. This time the star who embodies the six goddesses chosen for the six pages of the calendar, is the famous model Catrinel Meghia.
The concept and the 10 years experience with the photographer Marius Bărăgan made that the result of the photo sessions equally impressive and very natural.

January - February

Athena, goddess of wisdom, war and crafts is the sister of Ares and Zeus himself daughter, who has never linked to a man's destiny. Old legends say that Athens is the proud goddess who has loved too much her freedom to marry.

March - April

Beautiful Artemis, Apollo's twin sister is the goddess of hunting and wildlife and the virgin’s guardian whose name is associated with the moon. Artemis is, however, the cruel goddess, incapable of passionate love, the cruel one who punishes those who try to approach.

May - June

It is said that the pound that Erato holds could be even invented by her. Always surrounded by roses and myrtle, she is the erotic poetry and love muse, the true inspiration of passion.

July - August

She was born from the sea to embody beauty, femininity, grace. Goddess of love and beauty, wife of Hephaestus, Aphrodite is known as the most beautiful goddess. Fascinate through perfection any mortal and its symbols are the scepter, the miter and pigeons.

September - October

She is the Victory. The victorious Nike, represented as a winged female character, is allied with Zeus in the war of Titans. Her flight represents the victory of life over death, and the one she protects in a battle always comes out victorious.

November - December

Medusa is the only mortal of the three gorgons, her eyes can turn any mortal into a block of stone. We know less, however, that prior of being the legend killer, she was a beautiful virgin who wrong Athens. Being Angry, she changed her hair in live snakes.