27 ianuarie 2016

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Alexandrion Foundation awarded the sportsmen of 2015, on the first edition of Alexandrion Gala of Trophies

Alexandrion Foundation organized on January 27, the Alexandrion Trophy Gala, dedicated to performance in sport. 10 internationally renowned sportsmen received awards in the Gala evening, the first private endeavor of this kind in Romania. Alexandrion trophies are also the right an appropriate opportunity to draw attention to the huge needs in this area, requiring constant and active involvement of the state and the private sector.
"Following the debate we held a day before the Gala, which met at the same table authorities and sportsmen, we received again the confirmation that sport is an area with very many challenges and needs, which needs support. Both the state has a duty to support the sports performance and the private sector and we are glad that, this evening, we took the first step in this direction", Valentin Popescu, manager of sports marketing at Alexandrion Grup Romania said.

The 10 winners were selected following the results achieved both in 2015 and based on the international track record acquired in recent years. Thus, in the evening of Gala, the gymnast Marian Dragulescu, Elizabeta Samara (table tennis), Simona Halep (tennis), Horia Tecau (tennis), Anghel Iordanescu (football), Tiberiu Dolniceanu (epee), Ana Maria Branza (fencing), Cristina Neagu (handball), Cristiana Stancu (martial arts) and Andreea Chitu (judo) were awarded.
Now, Alexandrion Foundation and Alexandrion Grup Romania actively support two handball teams (U Alexandrion Cluj and CSA Steaua Alexandrion) and four football teams (FC Petrolul Ploiesti, FC Universitatea Craiova, CSMS Iasi and Dinamo Bucuresti).
Alexandrion trophies represent a general approach for the first time in Romania, which is part of the strategy of Alexandrion Foundation to support the sporting excellence and performance. In parallel, the Foundation is one of the most active supporters of Romanian culture, awarding annually famous religious or cultural figures at the beginning of their careers, at the two galas that they organize - Constantin Brancoveanu Awards Gala and Matei Brancoveanu Awards Gala.