10 noiembrie 2016

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Alexandrion carries forward the tradition of Ploiesti football

Alexandrion Group continues the partnership with the group Petrolul Ploiesti, which is one of the teams with the highest average of spectators on their own ground.
"Petrolul Ploiesti is a legendary name of Romanian football. We support the Ploiesti football all the time, so we will continue the partnership. And we shall carry forward the tradition of Ploiesti football. The partnership with this team is very important to us because, as you well know, Prahova is our home, too. We promised to continue and here we are", Razvan Vasile, the commercial manager of Alexandrion Grup Romania declared.
Petrolul Ploiesti remains among the groups supported by Alexandrion Grup in football over the years, along with ASU Politehnica Timisoara, Unirea Urziceni, Steaua Bucuresi, Concordia Chiajna, CSM Iasi, CS Universitatea Craiova and Dinamo Bucuresti.
"We are honored that we still have next to us in this project such a great supporter as Alexandrion Grup. We want to bring as many spectators in the stands", Cristian Vlad,  president of AS Petrolul 52 Ploiesti declared.
''We were and still are together, but the most important thing is that we have supported Petrolul in the difficult moments, the moments of watershed. At the end of last championship, when there was the risk that it cannot lead the competition to the end or at a new start of the road.  We made a promise that as soon as a coherent project appears we will support it and I am glad that we are here at this new beginning", Valentin Popescu, manager of sport marketing at Alexandrion Romania said.
The event was attended by officials of Alexandrion Grup, Mircea Dridea, honorary president of AS Petrolul 52 Ploiesti, former football legends of the Ploiesti football and other guests of honor.