With Kreskova, any way you choose, you're sure it’s a quality one.
Whether you choose Spirit Drink, Dry Spirit or Premium Vodka, you'll enjoy a balanced drink, obtained through refined cereals with special techniques.

KRESKOVA Dry spirit

With 28% vol., Kreskova Dry Spirit is the pioneer of Kreskova range, a drink with a unique taste that comes from the quality of the ingredients used.
Choose Dry Spirit to enjoy a drink from cereals, carefully designed to give you a unique experience, typical for Kreskova.


Kreskova Spirit is the choice for those who prefer balance in everything they do. It is not the easiest nor the strongest of Kreskova drinks. From carefully selected ingredients we have created a 33% vol. drink, designed to conquer you immediately.

KRESKOVA premium vodka

A vodka that we call rightly to be a Premium one, dedicated to those who know exactly what they want. We have invested in it the passion for quality and all our experience. Filtered and distilled 5 times, the most powerful from Kreskova range (37.5% vol) you will see why it is truly special.

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