Brancoveanu VSOP

A toast for peace and harmony.
The 25 years of peace during the reign of Constantin Brancoveanu provided the quiet that Romanian people needed for the unprecedented spiritual and cultural development.
Brancoveanu `Vinars` , aged in Romanian oak barrels is created in memory of the two decades of peace and offers the taster, over centuries, the exquisite taste and fragrance of times long gone.

By attentive “coupajes” from different types of aged distillates (more than five years) by tasting and repeated testing, we can obtain the characteristic aromas established by the assortment. Therefore, the Brancoveanu VSOP vinars of Alexandrion receives a rich, round and elegant taste of vanilla, almond and grilled wood, due to distilled obtained from perfumed types of Aligote or Italian Riesling and to the attentive oak aged in special wine cellars.