Grant’s Family Reserve

Complex, clean and fruity.

Grant’s Family Reserve is the world’s most awarded blended scotch in the world and enjoyed in over 180 countries. First created by William Grant in 1898, the blend is today, five generations later, entrusted to Grant’s Master Blender, Brian Kinsman.

The vanilla and slightly sweet fruity taste, the unique flavor of the Speyside region of Scotland blends perfectly with the malt in a unique whiskey: Grant's Family Reserve

The master blenders skilfully blend around 25 of the finest single malt and grain Scotch whiskies to make Grant’s Family Reserve. The basis for the blend is our widely acclaimed Girvan grain whisky.

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Recent awards


•           2009 International Wine and Spirit Competition – Gold

•           2009 International Spirits Challenge – Silver

•           2008 International Wine and Spirit Competition – Bronze

•           2008 International Spirits Challenge – Bronze

•           2007 International Wine and Spirit Competition – Siver

•           2007 International Spirits Challenge – Bronze