Glenfiddich 21 yo


Vanilla, rich toffee, chocolate


The perfect blend of tradition and flavour, this Glenfiddich represents an original combination between Scotland and Cuba. Its complex character and full melloeness are achieved due it years of maturation in the finest casks rum from Caribbean. Glenfiddich 21 years is a refined whisky with chocolate and rich aromas of fig, fudge and hints of ripe banana combine elegantly, while on the palate complex favours of vanilla toffee and spice intermingle with warm oak and the merest hint of smoke.

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Glenfiddich 30 yo


Sherry, fig and dark sensitive chocolate


It is an exclusivist malt whisky. Glenfiddich 30 years is addressing those who appreciate the finer things in life being one of the world’s most prestigious and expensive, limited edition single malt Scotch whisky. The experience of Glenfiddich 30 years equals the special traditional whisky ageing in cellars where whisky vapours still float around. Its substantial oak notes confer it a unique vitality.

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