CAMUS is the story of a cognac company that has been family-owned for 5 generations, since 1863.
CAMUS owes its international reputation to the richness and extreme subtlety of flavor found in its cognacs, offering a complexity that appeals to all the senses.

In Romania, Alexandrion Grup imports:

Camus VS Elegance

The rigorous selection of different wines of great aromatic potential, followed by two slow distillations in 25hl stills, produces rich and aromatic eaux-de-vie.
Tasting note: Bright gold in color, with exuberant aromas of vine blossom and fresh grapes; the subtly distilled fruit flavors blend seamlessly with hints of peppery notes, ensuring a remarkable aromatic persistence on the palate.

Camus VSOP Elegance

Elegance is the defining characteristic of CAMUS cognacs, and CAMUS VSOP ELEGANCE owes its fabulous aromatic character to a blend of wines distilled with some of the lees left in. This technique requires great expertise, and ensures a remarkable aromatic intensity.
Tasting note:The vibrant golden color of CAMUS VSOP ELEGANCE announces a floral and fruity nose, with notes of grapefruit and almond.

Camus XO Elegance

Elegance is the defining characteristic of CAMUS cognacs, and CAMUS XO ELEGANCE demands years of patience and meticulous work. The first step involves rigorous selection of the eaux-de-vie, ensuring that they complement and complete one another to reveal the full potential of these famous Cognac crus – such as the precious Borderies. Next comes a lengthy maturing process, with each cru beginning to express its unique harmony and personality after several months in a damp cellar.
Tasting note: A golden color with flamboyant amber tints announces the voluptuous harmony of flowers and dried fruits found in the bouquet.