Brancoveanu - Lordly Wine

We honor the strong character of Brancoveanu’s architecture style.
The Brancoveanu style is for the architect what grapes of good stock are for the wine maker: the precious essence of the act of creation, of which embody enduring values over time. Inspired by Ruler Brancoveanu, we worship a lordly glass of wine of today for vigorous spirit of Brancovenian architecture.

Blend red, dry, Baric, from Cabernet Sauvignon, Merlot and Feteasca Neagra, 2012 crop year.
Colour: intense ruby with purple hues
Odour: Characteristic of berries and chocolate
Taste: full-bodied, round and pleasant, well-balanced by glycerol obstructing the intense tannins.
Blend dry white Sauvignon Blanc varieties, Italian Riesling and Fetească Alba, harvested in the year 2013
Colour: pleasant yellow-green
Odour: floral, exotic, intense, with hints of acacia flowers and shock
Taste: balanced, with a pleasant acidity, full-bodied, lively, intense drip with an interesting shade of mineral gourmet bitter end.