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During these 17 years on the local market, AGR set up from 1994 two local production units in Suceava and Prahova county and of course a strong international presence. The AGR portfolio includes all alcoholic categories in brands like: Alexandrion, Alexander Vodka, Brâncoveanu, Hogs, Red Bowler, Afinata and so on, brand which transformed the company into the most important alcoholic producer in Romania.


Quality, Passion and Excellence , 3 essential values in AGR development, reflected during the time in numerous awards obtained by the company , being local or international awards.  In 2002, 2009 and 2010 we obtained from Camera de Comert and Industrie Prahova the award for the best company in the alcoholic category, in Beirut we obtained gold medal for quality and prestige, in Frankfurt we obtained the award for “Best trade name”, in Paris the award in the ”Food and Beverage” category. An year later, AGR was awarded in Geneva with “Gold Medal for 5 continents”, in 2008 we gained with Brancoveanu brand “Vinalies d’Or Trophy”, the highest distinction in “Eau de vie” category in the contest “Vinalies Internationales” from Paris.


Starting with 2007, AGR was appreciated for CSR projects in “Top Corporate Awards”. For 3 years in row, AGR was in the first 10 companies from Romania which are investing in CSR.





Despite business plans and trends , corporate social responsibility for AGR appeared from the first days in 1994. All activities were natural designed for community interest. At first the CSR projects were about donations and sponsorships to persons or organizations which through the local or international programs and services managed to change and complete the social responsibility system in Romania.


AGR was involved in sustaining projects from different domains: sport, culture, art, social protection, charity, environment and each project get us together and the relationship between stakeholders and the company is a symbiotic one.


In 2003 we set up Alexandrion Grup Foundation, because the company support offered in various projects is part of our working strategy which aim is to grow through efficiency. Over 7 years AGR is an active part in romanian community ,both local and international, through punctual projects, but also through old programs answering to community needs.


 For AGR social responsibility is to be responsible to your employees, collaborators and clients, to the community and environment, and only on these bases we can discuss about a company sustainable development. During these years the team that took part in CSR projects implementation was formed from employees from all departments, and from 2003 the projects were managed by a permanent employee for Alexandrion Grup Foundation.


Despite the statistics and numbers, for us, a social responsibility project means soul. A lot of soul and passion is invested in every project, and from this we can do education, we grow communities, we consolidate romanian culture, we motivate young talented people, we help disadvantaged people and bring a smile in their soul. With dedication we brighten Easter or Christmas holidays and we support health system.


AGR commitment for the social responsibility actions was so strong that the company continued despite financial crisis which had a negative impact. In 2008 and 2009 AGR launched new projects, one of them being “Invest in community ” which had as objective social support.




The desire for making a positive difference in some people’s life or community is the reason for making this activities  in AGR. In the beginning, these activities were implemented by employees from any department, without existing a special department for this king of activities, there were just people who want to make a better and more beautiful world. Social responsible projects of AGR can be described as : various, ample, numerous and made from the heart. Starting from 2003 these projects were implemented by Alexandrion Grup Foundation, specialized NGO, which had to organize numerous sponsorships and responsible projects. Thereby there was set up one of the first corporate foundation from Romania. From 2007 , Alexandrion Grup Foundation  adjusted it’s strategy so that it was a priority to continue  and develop projects.   In the same time, involvement in communities where AGR is involved as long as the projects that had as objective local problems solution were strategies for Alexandrion Grup Foundation.

The objective is the same, a positive impact on this community and a positive difference.




Alexandrion Grup Foundation


  • Created in 2003 for social responsibility activities of AGR
  • It was implicated in all domains where support was needed, for a healthy grow
  • From 2007, foundation strategy of action was for traditional projects, our own projects and for stakeholders needs.



Mission, Vision, Values




Alexandrion Grup Foundation is that of support for AGR stakeholders for a better life. WE want to grow the local community and obtain maximum of efficient in everything we built together through partnerships, own projects and giving opportunity to motivate voluntariate.


AGR Stakeholders:

  • Shareholders
  • Employees
  • Consumers
  • Business partners
  • Local Community
  • Civil Society
  • Authorities





All AGR Foundation actions have the purpose to make a better world, a responsible and strong one. Alexandrion Grup Foundation vision is that AGR stakeholders to develop and discover the resources for dealing with problems, strengthen the community and being a support for others.





Alexandrion Grup Foundation values underlying every stakeholders relationship and help to form a solid partnership through:

  • Responsibility to everything around
  • Transparency in relationships
  • Respect to all stakeholders
  • Passion because all in made from heart
  • Excellence in everything we do